We Aims to Provide clean energy to our global users.


Driving The Future of Sustainable Energy

Pak Bioenergy is a mass producer of biomass fuels. We are specialized in pellet making and supply domestic stoves and commercial and industrial burners. With our strong research and development, we provide complete consultancy and end-to-end support to our customers. We ensure the reliability of supply, sustainable production, and quality of the product. Our focus is to provide a cost-saving alternate heat solution to our clients. As the world is committing to an ambitious reduction in carbon emissions. Our products are designed to replace the use of fossils and wood. Lessening burden over declining natural resources. We ensure a carbon-neutral cycle in our energy solution.

Clean alternate heat energy solutions

Manufacturing Biomass fuels to provide cheaper, safe and eco-friendly solutions

Premium Pellets

We are one of Pakistan’s leading...

Bio Rods

This is a unique type of biomass fuel...



Biomass energy fuels provide...

Using organic wastes to generate energy

Our products are 100% natural. Made up of pure agriculture, bio, and industrial organic wastes. Ensuring you clean alternate energy sources at an affordable price.


Domestic Commercial and Industrial solutions

Bio Mass Fuels

Domestic stoves

Commercial burners

Industrial burners


Our core objective is to provide our customers with ultimate one-spot solution. We provide clean fuels with reliability, quality, and cost efficiency. Ensuring complete consultancy & lasting support for their customized needs.

Up to 40% cost saving

Constant heat & pressure

Max heat


Supporting sustainable development of world

We are making clean and affordable energy ensuring responsible consumption and production. Helping people generate decent incomes with industry innovation and sustainable communities. We are contributing to 8 SDGs directly.


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